'tis the season: say `ah!'

I've been distracted by a dental emergency. I lost a crown right before Thanksgiving. On a front tooth. Number 10 if you know anything about this sort of thing. So I did not have the liberty of procrastinating. The tooth under the crown was dead, the old crown would not hold, I needed an implant pronto. Oh Lordy, what a procedure. Like drilling for oil in my mouth. That periodontist gave me more shots than I've ever had for dental work. I stopped counting. When I asked how many there would be, he told me, "More than you want to know." I hate needles. Then of all things Sibelius comes on as he about to start working. Hearing the great Finn made me sad. My father loved Sibelius. I remain neutral.

This dental emergency has forced me to tend to some long overdue dental work. My dentist's practice has gone upscale since I last visited. They've proposed three treatment plans ranging from $12,000 to $30,000. These are not typos. And these estimates do not include my implant, which was a tidy sum in and of itself. The whole thing's left me feeling draining, physically and financially.

I spent the good part of the day attempting to execute a three-column blog. But in the end I've decided to leave this blog as is. I entered a sweeps for a trip to Palm Springs, California. Two nights in an unnamed hotel. To enter, click HERE.