oh my: terrorists, pirates and protesters

Travel news of late has been most intense. Mumbai, Bangkok, somewhere off the coast of Yemen. Yikes. Whatever the risks, I’m still going. I’m just not sure just where.

Isaac and I have an ongoing tussle over his independent reading. He reads obscure novels from the public library’s YA section, I try to get him to read more literary works, like A Separate Peace, which I started re-reading last evening, or All Things Great and Small, or Kim, by Kipling. For the past year I have been foisting Johnny Tremain on him but he won’t budge. Oh well.

This morning I found a sweeps for a 10-day trip to Australia, pegged to the film of the same name, sponsored by Australia Tourism and Ferragamo, which product-placed itself into the production. To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 15.

Also, here’s a sweeps for $25,000 in dental care. I need some major dental work, which is going to cost a small fortune and seriously compromise my travel budget. So yes there is a connection.

To enter, click HERE. This is a daily through December 31.