cranky about christmas in connecticut

I have spent every Christmas of my life in Connecticut. Since college, that's meant a train ride or a drive from my adopted city of Washington, D.C. I'm cranky about going this year. I want to go, but I don't want to get ready to go. When travel is obligatory, trip preparations can seem more arduous than when travel is elective. Our menagerie adds to the burden. The place where I normally board my senior cat is booked. The woman who used to feed our two cats, two birds and one Russian tortoise got bit by a pit bull right before Thanksgiving and has scaled back her business. (Poor thing. This happened while walking a dog. The dog walker with the pit bull did nothing when the pit bull went for our neighbor's charge. She stuck her hand down to protect her dog, and got bit. Badly. I tell you, these dog people can be nuts.) In addition to figuring out things for our pets, Isaac's in the midst of a science experiment, and his teacher wants it to run four weeks. Which means finding someone to water his 10 potted Blue Lake Bush beans, five with plain distilled water, five with distilled water that contains Epsom salt, while we are away.

I know I'll feel fine when we board Amtrak. I always do.

I just entered a sweeps for a five-night stay at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa. That made me feel better. To enter, click HERE. The sweeps closes December 31.