a hell of a town

This sweeps, for two nights in NYC, ends tomorrow, November 1, at 11:59 EST. I almost didn’t mention this one, which is on Clarins, that fine maker of fine makeup, but I’ve wanted to publish that gorgeous photograph of Grand Central Station for so long, I thought this little sweeps would make the perfect excuse.

Isaac surprised me this week by telling me that he does not want to go to the World Cup in 2010. It’s in South Africa. For me, going was just a given. I realize that might seem a long way off, but this would be a trip that would require some serious planning. I asked him several time if he was sure and he said yes. He doesn’t like the thought of the crowds (I’m not a throng person, either) and he’s afraid of stampedes. He did say that I won a trip to the World Cup that he would go. So I will enter any and all sweeps for trips to the World Cup as soon as they start surfacing.

To enter, click HERE. This sweeps closes November 1.