finding my moorings

It’s a blustery, gray day here in D.C. This is my favorite weather for writing. In fact bright sunny days impede the process. I simply find the light too distracting; the visual cacophony empties me. Back in the day, before I became a parent, I liked to write into the night. Or in windowless offices, a fate I’ve known in more than one wage-slave situation. Today I started an essay that’s been percolating for a stretch. So I feel as though I’ve found my moorings. Yesterday I entered a swell sweeps, sponsored by an outfitter I’d never heard of before, The Moorings, a charter-yacht company. It’s for a six-night sailing vacation on a 46-foot catamaran in the British Virgin Isles. For someone who has not had a beach vacation in several years, this one makes me swoon. Note: This sweeps does not include air, the vintage travel poster notwithstanding.

To enter, click HERE. The sweeps ends December 15. Go for it!