welcome to the nation's snake bite capital

Here’s a sweeps with a presidential campaign connection, albeit a convoluted and, for me at least, misplaced one. According to HotelChatter, the McCain campaign is going to hold its election night party at the Biltmore in Phoenix. By coincidence, the day I read this scintillating news item, I’d entered a sweeps for four nights at the Biltmore. The sweeps is sponsored by Gourmet Magazine and the Arizona Office of Tourism. It doesn’t end until February 1, so no chance of crashing the McCain shindig, if you swing in that direction. And I obviously do not. But I would enjoy winning four nights at The Biltmore, yes indeed. This is an interesting part of the country, Phoenix and its environs, the unbridled development and ramped-up vanity notwithstanding. Oh, and the snakes. I bet your didn’t know that Arizona leads the country in snake-bite fatalities. That’s not something the Office of Tourism wants to promote. Venomous bites aside, this is a great culinary destination.

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