long time no: four nights in athens

Summer is half over and I have yet to go swimming. No matter. I've been to Italy and back, and last week I got a new kitchen, which involved a gut-wrenching total gut before the trip and a breakneck-paced one-week installation upon our return. Now I am planning my next getaways. Later this week, I'm headed to Baltimore, to reconnect with my Goucher MFA classmates and mentors. Then the week after that, Isaac and I are going to visit New Haven in the middle of a visit with my mother and sibs. We'll stay two nights in a hotel and toodle around town on foot. Then, I know not.

I plan to start posting regularly again. And entering sweeps for that matter.

I just entered this sweeps for five days in Athens. Rome whet my appetite for antiquity. I find it wild that Romans were bilingual, they spoke Latin and Greek. Enter HERE. One entry. The deadline is August 28.