one week yoga retreat in tulum

I had the worst fried rice of my life this week. It was a mad dash of an afternoon and I ordered takeout from a restaurant I don't know in a neighborhood I kind of sort of know and if I had not been so darn pressed for time I would have taken it back and traded it in for something better. The rice was flavorless, the shrimp suspiciously flavorful. But the fortune-cookie fortune that came with the meal sure made me smile: You will be traveling and coming into a fortune.

What a stretch. On Wednesday I hit a car while attempting to parallel park in front of Isaac's school and I did not have my license or my auto insurance card with me. Plus my inspection sticker has expired. I scratched this man's fancy car, a Lincoln Town Car I think, with temporary tags good. I braced myself for what was surely next, the vexed request for an explanation, the exchange of phone numbers, the arrival of the police, the hundreds in dollars in fines. I got out of my car fully prepared to meet my motor-vehicle fate and said, "I'm sorry. I'm late taking my son's lunch to school." And this tall silver-haired man in a long dark coat looked at the scratch on his luxury car, a significant scratch that probably measured six inches across and eight or 10 inches long, and said, "Let's just forget about it."

I nearly burst into tears of relief. What amazing luck.

I just entered a sweeps for seven nights at Maya Tulum Resort. This stretch of Mexican shoreline so dazzles.

To enter, click HERE. For details, voilà the Official Rules. This daily-entry sweeps runs through February 1.