every day's not the fourth of july

I was in the mood for a domestic sweeps when I woke up this morning, something to celebrate the holiday. I found one that seemed like a perfect fit, a chance to win a five-night trip to one of five of the greatest cities in the U.S. of A.: New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco, plus $4,000 in shop-til-you-drop spending money. Only the point-of-entry website seemed a little unsophisticated, and the name of the sponsor, La Redoute, did not immediately ring a bell. Also, I saw the very same sweeps under a number of other sponsors’ names. Could this be a red flag?

Investigative sweepstress that I am, I went to the Official Rules and saw that the umbrella sponsor was Redcats, which, according to its website, is a new brand for a company that has a long history, with French origins to boot.

So I entered. To do the same, click HERE. And I will enter again tomorrow, July 5, the day the sweeps closes. Though my chances of winning are slim to none. This sweeps is a daily that has been underway since May 11. Zut alors.

I also entered a sweeps to win two Amtrak tickets, on the Acela. To enter, click HERE. This one closes tomorrow, too. To be eligible, you’ll have to answer five Philadelphia-Independence-Day themed questions. Apparently you have to get all five correct, which means Philadelphia-area Amtrak cognescenti are going to have the edge. It also means I did not make the grade!

I correctly guessed two of three answers I did not know:

When was 30th street first opened in Philadelphia? I guessed 1933. Correct answer!

What material is the Liberty Bell made of? I guessed copper. Correct again! (FYI: A metallurgical analysis of the Liberty Bell shows the composition to be approximately 70% copper, 25% tin, 2% lead, 1% zinc, .25% arsenic and .20% silver with trace amounts of gold, magnesium, nickel and antimony.)

Alas, I blew this one: Amtrak currently owns 30th street Station. I guessed False. But it’s true! But who cares! Compared to the four other questions, it’s a bit self-serving and mercantile, wouldn’t you say?

I knew the answers to these two questions.

During part of the 18th century, Philadelphia was the first capital and most populous city of the United States. True!

What historic document was adopted on July 4, 1776, which declared that the Thirteen Colonies were independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain. That would be the Declaration of Independence!

Have a happy and safe Fourth!