if it's tuesday, it must be amsterdam

I haven’t been pining for Europe these days. Africa and Asia are more on my mind. Latin America, too. That said, I could instantly get continental if I were to win this sweeps, a trip for two to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Venice. It’s sponsored by Office Depot of all things. Office supplies don’t usually evoke trips abroad, but this broad is buying this construct. And there’s no purchase required.

My formative trip, the first trip that left me seeing travel as travel as opposed to some are-we-there-yet road trip to visit family or friends, was to Europe. My French teacher took a group of students to Europe every summer. She told our class about it, asked if any of us wanted to go. I went home and asked my parents. And they said yes.

I remember being shocked by the canals in Venice. The water was dirty. There were dead cats everywhere. I didn’t see any the second and last time I went back. Maybe they do a better job in that regard?

To enter, click HERE. This is a daily sweeps. It closes July 28.

P.S. Some days I just want to strangle Blogger. I first attempted to post this shortly after 9 A.M. Blogger would not take it. Argh Blogger!