four nights in scotland!

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I’m too busy to go on about anything this afternoon except how endlessly busy I am, and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with that, now would I? I just entered a sweeps for four nights in Scotland. Apparently, Continental offers a monthly sweeps. (Who was it who said you can’t teach a veteran sweepstress new tricks?) Why it’s Scotland and not Ireland this month of March is beyond me, St. Patrick’s Day and so on. Two nights at the Gleneagles Hotel (which is where they play the Ryder Golf Classic) and two at The Culloden House. I’ve never been to Scotland. I’m certain I’d be charmed.

To enter, click HERE. One entry per person. The deadline is March 31.

P.S. Neither Gleneagles or Culloden House made this LIST of best, sexiest and otherwise most wonderfullest hotels in Scotland. I found it on A Luxury Travel Blog, a blog I discovered this week. Who's to know?