sweet dreams: seven days in the galápagos

I discovered this one this evening the Flyertalk Forum. It’s a once-daily sweeps that started a few weeks ago and runs through March 19: seven days exploring the Galápagos with Lindblad Expeditions. I practically know the itinerary by heart, I’ve been fantasy-researching this trip for ages.

Isaac is going to go wild when he wakes up in the morning and sees National Geographic Channel's interactive website for the film, Galápagos, the three-hour high definition documentary the sweeps is promoting. It looks stunning. Talk about the rule of three: They edited down the film to three hours from 300 hours of footage after having spent three years shooting it. Galápagos airs March 18. I've got the website audio on as I post. You might find it soothing.

To enter, click HERE. The sweeps closes March 19.