home sweet home

This is my building, the place I've called home since 1994, in northeast Adams Morgan in Northwest Washington, D.C. After my childhood home, this is the place I've lived the longest. It's a two-bedroom with a galley kitchen and a gallery entrance way. It's a shame the management company photoshopped the sky in this photo. It doesn't capture the character of the place. At one point, the builing felt like a village, filled with characters, a man in the witness protection program, an arthritic elderly piano teacher who always wore purple and drove a purple car, a society page writer for The Palm Beach Post, and friends, special friends. They've all moved away, or died; while I stop in the lobby and chat with some of my fellow residents, it's just not the same. Still, it's still home. I may live here for many more years. Of course I am absolutely thrilled there's a glut in the Washington condominium market right now. I was nervous someone might try to buy the building and turn our rental units into condos.