new york times travel show

I’ve been clicking on the New York Times Travel Show website all week to see if folks had posted their sweepstakes for this year’s event February 24 - 25 at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City. I had high hopes there’d be some fun ones, based on last year’s tempting giveaways, including a Lindbland Expeditions cruise through the Sea of Cortez (that’s long been on my short list of Things to See and Do); a 12-night package through Turkey, land-only, but that would have been swell in my book; an 11-day luxury tour through China and a trip on the Deccan Odyssey luxury train. (For the entire 2006 list, click HERE.)

That was then, this is now. So far for this year's convention, it's mainly discounts, $100 off here, 20% there. Oh, and get this: If you stop by the Travel Alberta booth, you can have your photo taken with a Canadian Mountie. Nothing to write, or even leave, home about. Maybe they’ll add more in the weeks leading into the show. If they don’t, I hope they’ll at least fix the link to online entry to the Spa Finder giveway (choice of Spa Chakra at Conrad Miami, The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Penn., Emerson Resort & Spa in Mount Tremper, New York). I’ll post the link if they do.

Otherwise, a friend is planning a very sweet trip to Barbados, and I’m trying to give him pointers on finding a place to stay. I meanwhile I’m feeling a touch of the winter blahs descending upon me. To fight that, I am keeping busy and figuring out where I will be going next.

For this year’s list of prizes and giveaways from the New York Times Travel Show, click HERE.