fama y fortuna - espana!

I caved and consulted my neighborhood fortune teller yesterday. I was walking home from dropping Isaac off at school, and there she was, sitting in front of her apartment. We've been bumping into each other for months. As these things go, she's taken a soft-sell approach. She asked me if I was ready. I explained I had no or very little cash on me. She told me I could pay her later.

We walked upstairs and sat in the front area of her apartment, the only part of her apartment where I know from prior research that gadje like myself are permitted, and she asked to see the palms of my hands, both hands. She told me I’d been having bad luck, very bad luck, but my luck would change, I would write a book, I would make lots of money, I would travel someplace tropical, like New Mexico or Hawaii. (“New Mexico?” I asked. “New Mexico,” she said. "Someplace tropical.”) I hadn’t told her I was a writer, but I did tell her I was in school. She told me I was done with school. She told me a man named Michael would come into my life.

She told me I needed an aura cleansing. She normally charges $500 but she’d charge me $200. I told her I couldn’t afford that. She told me she’d give me one anyway, and if my luck changed, I could pay her the $200. She told me to go to the corner store, use the ATM machine there, buy her a roll of Bounty paper towels, give her the change from the $20 for the palm reading. On the way back to her place, which is above a dry cleaner’s, I laughed. Maybe she was going to use the paper towels to start cleaning my aura. Anyway, so far, so good. A l-o-n-g overdue payment posted to my account yesterday afternoon.

Isaac and I finished decorating the tree last night. It’s a beauty, a fraser fir, but it doesn’t smell as good as our trees do most years.

This afternoon I entered a sweeps for a trip to Spain. One night Madrid, two nights Cordoba, two nights Seville, two nights Madrid. While in Cordoba, the winner visits the Carbonell Olive Oil plant. Carbonell, Spain's leading olive oil producer, is the sponsor. Spain, in case you didn't know, is the world’s leading olive oil producer.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 31.