beverly hills thrillbilly

Sometimes I think entering all these sweeps is pointless to the point of twisted. I’ll never win. Then I reason, well, someone has to win. And as of Wednesday afternoon I know a second person who has won a trip. (For the first, and the inspiration for this questionable pastime of mine, see My New Year’s Resolution link to the right under Mission Statement. You'll read about my friend, code name Ms. Shoes.) Over the weekend, Miss Alice, the woman who works at the front desk of my apartment building, the woman who said, “Damn, I saw that second plane hit the building” on September 11, 2001, won a trip. To Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was a door prize at some event. I’m not clear what, some mega-family reunion thing. So while technically this was not a sweeps, I thought why not, why not keep clicking and entering.

This evening I entered a sweeps for a trip to Beverly Hills that includes a $10,000 shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. I would definitely buy some serious shoes. The winner can also accept a check for $15,000. The sponsor is Bic, the pen people. To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 31. Ah, time for another round of New Year’s resolutions.