when in rome

Yesterday I mourned. I watched CNN’s replay of the coverage of the morning of September 11. I cried. I remembered. All day. I couldn't work. It was an evening for television. I watched the end of that ridiculous made-for-TV wack-job movie about 9-11. Starring Harvey Keitel. I did not watch the Salamander-in-Chief. At eleven, I watched Charlie Rose. Calvin Trillan and Nora Ephron and people like that were on. I watched Jay Leno. James Woods was on. He spoke of his experience one month before the attacks on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Then I watched Craig Ferguson. Aaron Brown and a New York City firefighter (poor man! He lost his brother in the Towers. Now he has throat cancer. Stage 4-A throat cancer.) and this amazing Scottish singer.

Today, I worked like a mad woman on my MFA. Then I entered a sweeps for a trip to Rome for six nights. To enter, click HERE.