a grand tour of europe

It's hard to believe that wheeled luggage did not come into being until the end of the 20th century. Not a moment too soon, that. A commercial pilot invented the Original Rollaboard in 1987, reminding us once again the necessity is the mother of invention. Though apparently some necessities are more plodding than others. After all, this is almost 30 years after the Rolodex hit the market, and my built-in necessity meter suggests that wheeled luggage is more urgent than Rolodex by spades.

But I digress. TravelPro, the leading manufacturer of wheeled luggage, is sponsoring this 12-day sweeps that includes 10 stops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It's an ambitious itinerary. TravelPro is throwing in two suitcases so the winner can roll with the flow. To enter, click HERE. Here are the OFFICIAL RULES. This is a daily sweeps. It closes March 31.