'tis the season: sweeps to venice

SWEEPS 12.17.10 | I've decided to resuscitate Travel Sweeps while I "grow" my business as they say. No reason to stop trying my luck at trying to win a trip, and comment on all things travel. Even if, irony of ironies, I am not doing much farflung gallavanting these days. There is a chance we'll get to Geneva this summer, to visit a friend, though plans are pretty much up in the air. I'm making my resolutions early this year. It's fitting since this blog started as a New Year's resolution to try and win a trip.I wonder how many sweepstakes I entered over the past five years? As we inch toward 2011, I realize that my longstanding preference for even numbered years is on the decline, 2010 was an odd year for an even year. 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War and the 10-year anniversary of that tragic day in September. Speaking of which: this study's making the rounds: Click HERE. It suggests that backscatters, commonly known as full body scanners, might not catch all explosives and other nefarious contraband. Surprise, surprise.

P.S. Here's a sweeps for five days in Venice: Click HERE.