ceci n'est pas un sweepstake

I merrily entered what I thought was a sweeps last week, the Family First one to Hawaii, without realizing that it was actually a promotional campaign for time shares and cruises and other travel what-not's. If I'd read the fine print more closely, here's what I would have noticed:
Entrants give express permission and agree to be contacted by telephone, e-mail or regular mail for the purpose of promoting the sale of vacation packages and tours of timeshare properties in Pigeon Forge, TN, and/or Branson, MO by Surrey Vacation Resorts, Inc., its affiliated companies and third-party companies who make similar vacation offers. Entrant acknowledges that participation in this promotion supersedes any in-house, state or national no call list.
I'm already getting calls. I'm annoyed that the campaign is holding itself out as a sweeps and that the language about agreeing to calls is buried in the terms. So, once again, caveat entror! Here's a link to the form, and a link to the terms with the language about calls.
Enter if you like, but enter at your own risk!