the art of unpacking; four nights in london

Over the years I've seen countless articles about the art of packing. I even contemplated pitching one myself. I am a proponent of the master list approach, creating a bespoke checklist for each trip, printing out said list and then checking off each item as it's tucked in its designated suitcase or carry-on bag. Ideally, I note which piece of luggage I've packed an item. Alas, a proponent does not a practitioner make. I did approximate this method last summer, when Isaac and I went to Italy, but for our recent trip to Miami and the Keys, I was not as organized.

Yet I packed reasonably well. I did not forget my thyroid medication (something that has never happened, thank goodness), and I did not overpack, either. But I did blow it in several ways, and I would have been doing myself a major favor if I'd used a checklist. I forgot the ear plugs. Me, the person who is prone to swimmer's ear. And I swam for nine straight days without ear plugs. And now I have a major ear infection in my left ear. There is, in the words of my kind otorhinolaryngologist, a fungus among us. It flared up Friday evening, too late to see the doctor until today.

That's the packing. What about unpacking? I excel at emptying my luggage, but fail at organizing the flotsam of cards, pamphlets, maps, receipts and, panic attack, notes. (I think there's an essay in this trip but I can't find my notes, scribbled on National Hotel bedside pad.)

For now, here's an article on packing from the Times Travel section.
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