indochina and anticipatory nostaglia

I got a letter in the mail yesterday informing me that my Citibank branch was closing in March. I’ve been banking there since 1994. The news sent me spinning into anticipatory nostalgia. This was going to be the bank where we deposited the money Isaac earns from refereeing. All the while I assumed that Citibank would transfer the branch staff to other branches. Only this morning when I went to get quarters – yes quarters, I have to wash my clothes in a community laundry room – the manager was crestfallen. She has to find a job. She’s concerned she won’t in this market. The tellers didn’t seem as down as she was. The higher up you are in management, the harder it is to find work. So empathy eclipsed nostalgia.

There are some fun sweeps out there these days. This morning I entered one for a trip to Indochina. The sponsor is Buffalo Tours. The Viet Nam based outfitter To enter, click here. The sweeps is a one-time entry. It closes January 15.

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