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I don’t know the etiquette here. This weekend I visited the family of one of my son’s friends. Their house was an absolute mess. Topsy-turvy sloppy but filled with love. I am tempted to write the mom, to convey solidarity in sloppiness. I am not sure she would take the email as a compliment.

”Call me on January 20.” That’s what people have been telling Seymour Hersh, according to this uplifting profile in The Guardian. The cowards! What didn’t they leak when it mattered? That said, I hope they’re dead serious. I hope they deep-dish. I do not want the Bush administration to slink away into the oblivion of top-level consultancies and corporate-board service without a thorough and unencumbered journalistic examination.

My son’s father has a cool friend who lives in the mountains in what is typically a Red state. And this cool friend and his cool wife are Blue through and through. And they put up an Obama-Biden sign on their rural property. And some of the locals made their views known in the form of four bullet holes in the Obama-Biden sign. And that my friends is succotash, just plain succotash.

Observation: We may be moving into a post-post era. For years I’ve been tormented by the term post-modern. (I become unhinged when I can’t grasp what is held out to be an accessible, legitimate construct. Call me old fashioned, but I never *got* the post-modern thing.) Several weeks ago, I was made aware of a book about the post-torture era. The Power and Purpose of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2008) is, according to its author, "a renewed and updated theory of international law for the post-torture era." If true, if we are on the other side of torture, that is welcome news indeed. But I know not the facts. That could be increasingly more common as we continue to live in, drum roll, please, a post-fact society, with the help of Farhad Manjoo’s book, True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society. You see, I never mastered the pre-post-fact society. I want a moratorium on this post nonsense. I want to live in a post-post world.

Today’s sweeps is not a new sweeps but a reminder that the stupendous five-trip daily entry sweeps runs through February 28. Antartica, Galapagos, Machu Picchu, Tanzania, Manitoba See Sweeplusting Picks to the right.