mirror, mirror: what's the grandest grand prize of them all?

Tropical Storm Hanna passed through the mid-Atlantic yesterday. Isaac and I had a deliciously cozy homebody of a day. I predicted the fields would be too wet to play soccer this afternoon, but Hanna did not dump as much rain on the region as forecast and, despite news reports of flooding and blackouts, we woke to a cloudless sunshiney day and we were able to play our first game of the season. Isaac’s team lost, 4 – 2. Now we’re home, he’s recuperating, I’m sipping a glass of Chardonnay.

Last evening I found this absolutely amazing sweeps on the World Wildlife Fund website. This is without a doubt the single best sweepstakes I’ve seen since I started entering sweepstakes back in March 2006. As luck would have it – luck, that elusive rascal of circumstance – this once-daily sweeps just started last week. Usually I find these swell once-dailies just as they are closing. This one started on September 1 and runs through February 28. The sponsor is Natural Habitat.

The prize is five trips, one trip a year to 1) Antartica and the Falklands; 2.) Tanzania; 3.) The Galapagos; 4.) Manitoba and, ta da, 5.) Machu Picchu.

Yes, all five trips, one a year for five years! Can you imagine winning this one? Ah, the fantasy.

To enter, click here. Enter once a day through February 28.