cross-spritzing in america

The other day when I applied my daily dash of Vétiver by Guerlain, I mentioned to Isaac that is was men’s cologne. “Men’s?” he asked incredulously. I explained the time-honored and elite-sanctified practice of ladies borrowing from gents in the cologne department. I told him Princess Diana had worn it. And that his very own pediatrician, who went to medical school in France, wears it.

Yesterday I found an even better example. Tory Burch, who, to procure Isaac’s undivided attention, I will explain is a former girlfriend of Lance Armstrong, wears the stuff, too. I read as much in the current issue of Town & Country. Her father used to wear it. Now that should put to rest any doubts Isaac might have about my cross-spritzing.

I’ve been wearing Vétiver since college. A fellow I hung out with my junior year wore it. I only realized how much it appealed to me when I returned to my apartment after he’d left and wondered why his scent still hung in the air. Well, it turned out he’d sprayed scads all over my place, in attempt to mask the unpleasant order of my roommate’s cats. I ended up buying a bottle for myself, and it’s been my signature since ever since.

Vétiver used to be hard to find. Now you can buy it at Target. In other clicking, I found a clip of Jean- Paul Guerlain discussing, with subtitles, Vétiver on YouTube. It was created for the Mexican market. (Quelle convergence! J’adore le Méxique aussie!) I also stumbled on a diagram of Vétiver’s base notes. Délicieux!

By now you’re probably expecting a sweeps to Paris. I’m afraid the teaser for the only one I’m finding out there is so offensively silly that I am not going to link to it. Instead, here’s what looks like a terrific sweeps to Naples. Not French, but they share a border!

To enter, click HERE. The sweeps closes December 31. Here are the Official Rules.