apartment life, two nights at a spa

I love many things apartment living. Like when I lock my keys in my car, as I did this Saturday afternoon while I was out running errands in anticipation of a winter storm that never materialized, I can return to my building knowing full well that one of the women who work at the front desk will let me into my apartment, where I can fetch my spare key (on the soccer key chain I won in a sweeps no less). Or when the faucet leaks and all I have to do is call the front desk and they will send up a plumber, usually that same day.

I wish some things were different. The sounds of apartment life can get to me. The fellow who lives below me has been playing his radio loudly. The couple to my north still fights. And this weekend, for the first time, I heard a couple to my south making love. She was expressive, this one. Isaac wasn’t with me, and I wondered how I would have handled it if he’d heard this woman’s moans and groans. One option would have been to close the window and hope he didn’t hear but if he did perhaps I could have told him it was a pigeon and distracted him with a loud CD.

Another thing I wish were different is my building’s rules about renovations. I’m getting a new kitchen, but management has informed me that they won’t let me put in my own cabinets with counters of my choosing, even if I pay. This seems so irrational. The lack of d├ęcor choices aside, I’m on something of a redecorating kick. This weekend, I gave the furniture in my bathroom a fresh coat of paint (Architect’s White) and started painting the walls Pear Green. When I was done for the day, I went “screen shopping” for new bath towels. I love the ones pictured here, Dots by Yves Delorme. I may order them in Pistachio. (The green ones HERE.) I thought I'd mix up textures, and found these sumptuous things, by Sferra, but they have been discontinued. Too bad. They are gorgeous, very spa-di-da.

So, today’s sweeps is fitting. Colgate, my toothpaste of choice, is the sponsor. I can’t tell you how many times I moved tubes of Colgate from one place to the other as I proceeded to sandpaper and paint in the bathroom yesterday. This is for two nights at The Oaks in Ojai.

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