inn-to-inn machu picchu

I have not had a confluence-of-coincidences post like this in ages. On Thursday, Ise and I were running errands, and I was at a red light and I noticed a Ralph Lauren store on Wisconsin Avenue and I wondered if it sold his linens. I love his sheets, I have a set that makes me feel like I am sleeping in a wondrous oversize Oxford shirt, the arms of Morpheus and all that. Now, the poll results. When I included “Adventure” as a category, I didn’t think it would be the winner. I don’t think there are that many adventure sweeps out there, though I have entered several that have suited my fancy, including a dive trip in Tahiti and a marathon in Kenya. Even though I don’t dive or run.

This trip is a bit of an adventure trip, if only for the hiking: 10 nights in Machu Picchu. Ralph Lauren is the sponsor. Mountain Sobek put together the package. The itinerary looks swell.

Separately, today is the 125th anniversary of Labor Day. See below.

I’m off, to whistle while I do not work.

To enter, click HERE.
The sweeps closes December 31. One entry per person. (Yeah.)

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