if mothers ruled the world . . .

I have a life. Single mom, soccer mom, freelance mom. So if I don't post for a few days, you can safely assume that life has temporarily eclipsed sweeps. Speaking of moms, what did mother effer (literally!) FOX think it was doing by censoring Sally Fields during the Emmys last evening? “If mothers ruled the world, there would be no …” Of course we know what came next. Wars! What a concept! Like we haven’t heard this thought before. (P.S. I just found an unedited version. The Flying Nun actress took the Lord's name in vain and said no “goddamned wars.” Dios mio. The unedited clip's over at Live Leak. They seemed to beat YouTube to the punch.)

As I noted in this my last post, there is an abundance of most excellent sweeps for the entering right now. So many that I may be showcasing them in two’s. Today, two Caribbean sweeps. The first is for six nights in Jamaica at an undisclosed property. (It sounds like a sweeps the Bush administration might sponsor.) Sorry, but if you live in California, Utah, Montana, Texas, you are ineligible. The sponsor is Seagrams Coolers, and the prize includes all meals and beverages EXCLUDING alcoholic beverages. Now, something about that tickles me. The Terms and Conditions for this one are funky. You can enter online, but the rules clearly state: “Only one (1) Sweepstakes entry per hand-addressed envelope will be accepted.” To enter, click HERE. The second sweeps is for six nights at The Bay Gardens Resort in St. Lucia. To enter, click HERE. For details, see the Official Rules.