four nights at canyon ranch

Which one, you ask? I don’t know. This is an unusual sweeps in that the sponsor selects the resort for the winner. For folks who don’t know Canyon Ranch, there are two: the original one in Tucson and the newer and presumably equally uplifting spread in Lenox, Massachusetts. I’m on the East Coast, which means I’d almost certainly go to the one in Lenox. Not too sound like a total crabapple this afternoon, but were I to win, I’d like a choice. Of course, if winners can’t be choosers, I’d get off my high horse mighty fast and accept either prize-stay without a fuss.

To enter, click HERE. You’ll need an entry code, either from the bar code of your Silk soy milk carton (it's the product sponsor) or straight off the website. You have to scroll down a bit. This is a daily entry sweeps. It closes September 30.