being and openendedness: five days in paris

One of the nifty things about travel sweeps is their general openendedness. For instance, you can enter to win a trip to Wimbledon even if you find tennis tedious. Or go for a trip to Paris that is sponsored by a company that makes a dietary supplement that claims to boost nail hardiness even if your nails are a picture of health. Mine are these days, white as a swimmer’s. That didn’t stop me from entering Appearex’s sweeps for five days in Paris. Appearex is, well, a nail vitamin.

This is a hotel-vague affair. The Official Rules (which I heartily recommend you always-always-always study, and which for this sweeps are maddeningly in PDF format) specify neither name nor arrondissement. How can I engage in sweeps fantasy with neither? Zut alors! I might have to start biting my nails again!

To enter, click HERE. Once-only entry. (Thank goodness!).