you have not won

I think I’ve become a bit of a sweeps snob. I’m just not finding as many inspiring sweeps as I did when I first started sweeps-staking back in March 2006. In recent weeks, I’ve entered a few, like the Frommer’s Hot Spot Contest, a monthly sweeps to places as varied as Delhi and Denver. This month, it’s London, on Virgin Airways, with air from JFK or Newark and four nights in an unidentified four-star hotel. Now this sweeps has been a standard of mine from the get-go. But they’ve gone and done a silly thing. They’re made it a daily-entry sweeps. What’s the point? And I’m not fond of sweeps that don’t divulge lodging details, either. This morning, I entered a sweeps, sponsored by Cover Girl, for a trip to Barbados, four nights, with air and presumably lodging at The Mango Bay Resorts. Funnily, the resort looks very Cover Girl, serviceable but not top notch, kind of clunky and inelegant. But the beach would compensate for most shortcomings. Bizarrely, the Cover Girl homepage has a Color Categories for someone with my name (Barbara) and my hair color (deep brown) and eye color (hazel) and best shades (warm). That’s a match. That is spooky, especially given that hazel is one of the more unusual eye colors out there. Sigh. This one is a daily entry contest, too.

To enter the Frommer’s Hote Spot Contest, click HERE. Enter daily through May 31.

To enter the Cover Girl Barbados Sweepstakes, click HERE. Enter daily through December 12.

On the personal front, I’m wondering if my neighborhood psychic hasn’t put a low-grade hex on me. All these little things keep going wrong. Nothing tragic, and I don’t want to tempt fate and give the impression that I don’t think things could get worse. They almost always can.