the devil is in the details

I am such a sweeps geek I scan the Officials Rules each and every time I try to win a trip. I want to make sure I am actually eligible. It’s also nice to know, were I to win, whether I’d be available. If there’s a conflict, I don’t bother to go for it. Now here’s one, for a weekend in New York, that includes admission for two to DETAILS (the magazine) Downtown Block Party, but nowhere can I find the date. Argh. I’m feeling wild this morning, so I entered anyway. This one is to promote Attitude, a new eau de cologne from Armani. The scent cognescenti say this one could have unisex appeal. I’d give it a spritz, but will probably stick with my signature scent, Vétiver, by Guerlain, a men’s cologne that’s long been popular with the ladies. Princess Di reportedly liked it.

I’m not done kvetching. Not only does this one not provide the date, it doesn’t identify the accommodations beyond “a New York hotel chosen by Sponsors.” Given this is Armani, one would hope the hotel would be a cut above. The Grand Prize also includes a new suit from his truly.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is June 5.