spa week, day 4: three nights at red mountain

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blogging around sweeps-entering. I started at Travel Contests ten days before St. Patrick’s Day last year, then changed my Blogger blog to Travel Sweeps last summer, for technical reasons as well as the realities of my endeavor. By and large I’m entering sweepstakes, not contests. So far, I haven’t won a trip. I want to but frankly don’t expect to. Still, as serious sweepsters and sweepstresses like to say, “Someone’s got to win.” I have won something, from a sweeps for a trip to the World Cup last summer: a scarf with soccer players on it and a key chain. Isaac uses the key chain as a good luck charm and I actually wear the scarf – though not to soccer games. I’m not that much of a soccer mom. The scarf’s really rather fetching. When it’s tied around my neck, the soccer players look more like butterflies than midfielders.

So, thanks to everyone who’s dropped by, and a special thanks for Ms. Shoes, the inspiration for sweeps-entering. (Due to her high security position, I cannot disclose her real name. She knows who she is!)

This is for three nights at the Red Mountain Spa in St. George Utah. It’s sponsored by Tylenol. I mention that because I have a stress headache as I type.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is June 30.

Do click on soccer mom. It’s funny.