spa week, day 3: four nights at canyon ranch

I often mention sweeps without acknowledging their sponsor. My role here is more sweeps guide than promotions accomplice. I will of course give a nod to a sponsor when I see fit. In the case of today’s sweeps, I think it best to proceed with an air of mystery. That said, I will share with you the best rejection I’ve ever gotten from an editor, since it dovetails with the nature of this sweeps. It was at a writer’s conference. We were meeting one-on-one. I mentioned The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in Delhi as an idea. Without missing a beat, this editor said, “We have a sense of decorum in the department. This doesn’t make you want to get up and go.” This editor was rather pleased with this comeback.

This one is for three nights at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. Who could not want to luxuriate in spa country in the alluvial plains that are Tucson?

As for me, busy, busy.

To enter, click HERE. You can enter weekly until the sweeps end November 30.