cold snap with snow: one week spa retreat

As I’ve previously noted , Rancho La Puerto, in Baja California, Mexico, has always struck me as the thinking person’s spa. A peek at these Specialty Weeks lectures and workshops illustrates my point. I wouldn’t know where to begin. Swim Week with Dr. Jane Katz (the week of April 7) would probably be my first choice, if that week wasn’t blocked out. (There are block-out dates with this prize. It’s valid longer than most, through March 1, 2009.)

What can I say that doesn’t risk sounding like a broken record. The weather, the pace of life. I feel like a broken record here. Which reminds me: When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me I’d been “vaccinated with a phonograph needle” when I talked too much. Too much!

To enter, click HERE. Then click on the sweeps icon. The deadline is February 28.