flying and chlorofluorocarbons (it's not an irish lullabye)

People have been discussing global warming for over 30 years. In the mid-1970s, the press was aflutter over a recent discovery that a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole was much, much larger than scientists had previously estimated. One theory held that aerosal deodorant was a likely culprit. We all reached for our roll-on Ban, and wondered what else we could do to save the earth from an irreversible tropical heat wave. A subset of extremists, myself among them, sought to stamp out aerosol spray usage altogether. "Mom, put down that Lysol spray RIGHT NOW!"

Three decades later, temperatures are still rising, in both Farhenheit and Celsius; we are still debating solutions. Of late, commercial aviation is seen as possibly contributing to matters, though by what degree is unclear. Will responsible travel soon mean limited travel? And what, if any, role do travel writers play in all this? There's an entertaining THREAD on these questions and more at Travel Writers website. (Thanks to World Hum for highlighting this thread.) Warning: There are numerous references to bovine flatulance in this thread. Another possible cause! (I do take climate change most seriously, and am wildly frustrated that the powers that be have dragged their heels all these years.)

I'll post a postscript, with a sweeps, later today.