sweeps activism, or the ostrich resurfaces

This morning, a sweeps to a luxury resort caught my eye. I’d never heard of the place, which shall remain nameless, but it was in a country I’ve enjoyed visiting, so I clicked to the entry form page, then clicked to the resort’s site. I stopped in my tracks. This was an enormous resort, with numerous buildings, including one that looked to be at least 30 stories tall. Taken together, these structures were yet another prima facie example of shoreline over-development. I’ve got a thing about waterfronts and shorelines, I think they are sacred ground, and can’t believe communities don’t do a better job of curtailing construction there. I think the views of the mouth of the river and the sound, gulf and sea are as much mine and yours as any hotel guest's or condominium owner's. As for this sweeps, I will not be entering. I cannot condone this sort of thing, even in the smallest of ways, even with my pathetic little one-time entry, one of thousands, in a sea of online one-entry-only sweepstakes.

Then I found a seven-day sweeps to Iceland. I’ve wanted to go to Iceland for some time now. Only Iceland’s gone and done a most insensitive and impolitic thing and resumed commercial whaling. Yes, commercial whaling, in this day and age. Here’s a BBC article on the latest there. Obviously I did not enter this one, either.

I ended up entering Frommer’s monthly sweeps. This one’s for four nights in Amsterdam.

To enter, click HERE.