j'adore le cinema

Lights, action, camera: Here are three movie sweeps. This is an incongruous and increasingly vague lot, as you’ll see.

The first, for four nights at The Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas, is in honor of the new James Bond flick, with the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. To enter, click HERE.
The deadline is November 24. The package includes dinner at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Cafe' Martinique (bizarrely, capped at $300; the diners must pay the 15% tip. If I win, I’ll make that 18%, shaken, not stirred). The film also shot in the Czech Republic, Italy and Britain. Considerate of them to keep the package closer to home.

Next, two nights in New York, in honor of Running With Scissors, in a yet-to-be-identified hotel, with a little retail therapy in the form of a $500 gift certificate to Chip and Pepper. Let’s see, $500 would get you approximately three pairs of Chip and Pepper jeans. I want to see this movie. Brad Pitt was one of the four producers. I think Annette Benning is fabulously underrated. To wit, The Grifters. I am also partial to Alec Baldwin. We went to college together. I used to see him in my dormitory. In the hall, not my room. To enter, click HERE. The deadline is November 30.

Now, for the next Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, tickets and accommodations to the premiere, date and venue to be determined. Note: The Official Rules do not indicate which premiere, so I suppose it could be anything from the world premiere to the Pretoria premiere or any premiere in between. To enter, click HERE. The deadline is December 31.

Oh my. I just looked at The Atlantis website. What a monstrosity! But I entered. My son would dig it to bits, all the aquatic facilities.