link alert: ooh la la, french sweeps

I added a new link to the LINKS TO SWEEPS list: a melange of sweeps from The French Government Tourism Office. What a find! I've entered one to Martinique, for a one-week stay at the Buccaneers Creek Club Med. (That is a strange name for a resort, at least to my ear.) I plan on entering more -- to Nice and to Guadeloupe, par example. Caveat sweepster: You have to answer a few questions for marketing purposes. (I.e., How many times have you been to France?) After eight months of maniacal sweepstaking, I have not received any spam, at least as far as I am aware, because I've answered any marketing questions.

For details, scroll down to the LINKS TO SWEEPS section right to the right or click HERE.

On a personal note, this was a whirlwind weekend with Isaac. Now I'm staring an MFA deadline in the face. I'm behind with work matters. Ah! More anon.