day 2: thanksgiving sweeps extravaganza

I hope I didn’t blow it. All day, with increasing frequency, I’ve been thinking what if, what if, what if. What if next year my mother isn’t well or even here? One can torture oneself with such second-guessing. I am here. Next year, I will be there. Isaac and I will have watched the Macy’s Day Parade with Isaac’s best friend, then taken the train from Grand Central Station to Westport. And so on, through the pumpkin pie. That’s the plan.

Today I finished an overdue magazine review for my MFA course that had been hanging over my head since last week. With that out of the way, I can really give thanks tomorrow. I’ve plotted out my writing for the weekend. I'm almost there. In two weeks, my last packet will be in the mail and I will be three-quarters through my MFA program. I trust I will never be this busy again in my life, at least not voluntarily.

Yesterday I tried to enter this sweeps to Guadeloupe, three nights at the fabulous-looking Créole Beach Hotel and Resort, only it wouldn’t take my AOL email. So I entered with my Yahoo! account today. Now I have to remember to check it. You never know. This resort looks so swell I might go there on my own. I also entered a sweeps to win a trip to the Czech Republic and Austria. That would be fun, though not quite as paradisiacal as the Caribbean.

Three Nights at the Créole Beach Hotel and Resort
To enter, click HERE.
Official Rules
Deadline: December 31.
Frequency: One time only.

Czech Republic and Austria (Backroads)
To enter, click HERE.
Official Rules (can’t find them!)
Deadline: May 31.
Frequency: One time only.