australia's ken jennings of travel contests

Talk about away (yes, one word) with words: An Australian stay-at-home mum has snagged trips to France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Fiji, as well as all over her native Australia, thanks to her knack for penning pithy promotional prose-poems. As this Sydney Morning Herald article relays, Sharon McNamara started entering “25 words or less” contests a dozen years ago, and has so far netted 29 “holidays” for her efforts.

Here’s one that won her a trip to Fiji:

My life is like a TV Soap
Need Vacation, cannot cope
Days of my Life spent feeling blue
With children young and restless too.

What would Ezra Pound make of this? The sponsor was a TV soap opera, ergo the references to Days of My Life and The Young and the Restless.

I stumbled on this article after Googling “Win a Trip to Fiji.”

I can’t say that my life feels like a soap opera these days. It's more a documentary about scrambling for my life.

In other shocking news, I am still exceedingly busy, still behind with a few things. I’m too time-urgent to troll for sweeps. So I’m going to enter the LuxuryLink sweeps. To enter, click HERE.