peggy lee in a negligee

I have wanted to write a short story or essay with this title for what seems like an eternity. The genesis is this: An old friend had a friend who was visiting a friend in Hawaii. And at one point the friend was out on the balcony in a negligee. And somehow Peggy Lee came up; I was deep into listening to Peggy Lee (and Ray Orbison, too, for that matter) at the time. I’d play her in the car when I drove to the beach or when I drove to visit my parents. I remember “Is That All There Is” seeming unbearably applicable during one drive along the New Jersey Turnpike.

Now, Peggy Lee was either in Hawaii, too, or maybe the friend of the friend in Hawaii was also deep into Peggy Lee. Either way, the name of Peggy Lee came up. And the title “Peggy Lee in a Negligee” came to me. And while none of these sweepstakes have anything to do with Peggy Lee in or out of a negligee, they do make me think of Peggy Lee. And this is why. There was an old Saturday night skit, someone singing “Give Me Fiber” to the tune of “Give Me Fever.” And these sweeps are all about fiber, morning fiber, breakfast cereal fiber. Organic, too! These four sweeps, two of which I’d previously entered, two of which I entered today, are sponsored by Barbara’s Bakery. The two sweeps I entered today, one to London, one to Florida, are promotions for breakfast cereal, helpful reminders that I must try to find cereal that Isaac likes. It’s so much easier than bagels and English muffins.

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