red flag: star mag's las vegas sweeps

I just did a morally ambivalent thing. I entered a sweeps I find somewhat objectionable. Not totally, or I wouldn’t have entered it at all. And that I find it objectionable might be condescending. But I would wager (love that gambling language) that the typical Star Magazine reader does not understand that winning a $75,000 vacation ($75,000!) means that they will owe taxes on said vacation. Or that should you win, an accountant can work with you to reduce your obligation. In my seven months of entering sweepstakes, I can’t think of one that approached this in value. The Audi Streets of Tomorrow sweeps was up there, at $30,000 for the grand prize Colorado road trip. But $75,000? For one week at The Green Valley Ranch Resort? You get a private villa with a private pool, first class airfare, so that’s serious cash. Then the week comes with a limousine at the winner’s service 24-7 as well as a butler. These things do add up.

The funny thing is this lifestyle and sensibility are so foreign to me that winning this trip would not be that different from going to Outer Mongolia. Only without the jet lag.

To enter, click HERE. The sweeps closes October 31. (Boo!)