the infinite passion of expectation

That’s the title of a short story collection by Gina Berriault. I love what it captures, the sense of endless anticipation about something potentially wonderful, like romantic love or a sumptuous meal or travel, always travel. For me, and I imagine for many of us, the anticipation of a trip is part of the glory of traveling. At least a trip I want to take. I’m easy to please, the polar opposite of world-weary. I get a thrill from weekend getaways, even if they’re to places I’ve been to over and over. I’m also an addict. If I don’t have some sort of trip coming up, a definite trip, I feel unmoored. I need my fix. Fortunately, I’ve got several trips on my calendar, nothing extravagant, but enough to get the adrenals going. One to New York, with my MFA group, then there’s Christmas in Connecticut (I have not missed one, I have never woken up on Christmas morning anywhere other than my childhood home) and then there’s Amherst, Mass., for a weekend residency for my MFA.

So, today’s sweeps. There are some dandies in the FlyerTalk forum right now. I felt like a surprise, like sticking my handing the the grab-bag bag. The cold, dark, rainy weather here has me craving warm climes. I Googled “Win a trip to Florida.” Lo and behold, the Key West Attractions Association holds a quarterly sweeps. The prize is two nights in a hotel. Small, but fun. I’d hit Miami and the Everglades, too.

To enter, click HERE.

P.S. I have not watched Oprah in the afternoon since she eviscerated James Frey earlier this year, but I might turn the show on this afternoon, because she and Gayle are winding down their cross-country road trip. (I caught their departure at something like 2 a.m. one night when I had insomnia.) For an interesting piece on the resurgence of the cross-country road trip (something I have never done, I should add), check out Michael Yessis’ Speaker’s Corner on World Hum.