arizona, here we come

Magic 8-Ball prognostications aside, I think I’m going to be planning and paying for a trip before I’m going to be winning a trip. I’m starting to get seriously antsy for a big trip. I haven’t taken one since 2004, when Isaac and I went to Costa Rica for 10 days. Whine alert: I'm tired of being a graduate school travel martyr. For this summer, I’m thinking Arizona. Fly into Phoenix, stay in Scottsdale, head to Sedona, then to the Grand Canyon, possibly Havasu Canyon as well as the Northern Rim. A road trip of sorts. We could finish off at the Wild Horse Pass Resort, a partnership between the Gila River Indians and Starwood Sheraton. (I’ve been there for brunch. Stunning.) Ah, the fantasy begins.

I didn’t find any sweeps for trips to Arizona. I might as well take the opportunity to highlight this quarter’s Luxury Link sweeps. The winner gets to choose one of five stays. This round, one of them is Miravel Life in Balance, in Catalina, Arizona, outside Tucson. Among the remaining four are The Ritz London and Sunset Tower Hotel in Beverly Hills. To enter, click HERE.

Today Isaac and I had the strangest cab ride. The driver acted like he was falling asleep. Isaac put on his seatbelt before I did. I was worried the driver might be having a stroke or a narcoleptic moment. He claimed he was fine. I debated calling his cab company but didn't want to get him in trouble. After arriving safely at Connecticut and Nebraska, Isaac and I spent several hours at our favorite bookstore, Politics and Prose. I picked up a bunch of books for my MFA reading. I bought Isaac several books, too. He loves fantasy novels and comic books. I've been pushing historical fiction. He resists, reads, concedes. He's off to Pittsburgh with his dad. I'm at the ranch working the three-day weekend away, reading and writing.