six nights in waikiki

SWEEPS | Here's a daily for six nights at an Aqua Hotels and Resorts property in Waikiki on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. There look to be four: Park Shore Waikiki, Best Western Coconut Waikiki, Aqua Waikiki Dawn and Aqua Waikiki Wave. A friend who went to Hawaii last summer did the absolute coolest thing: night snorkeling! Folks shine light into the water, not too bright of course. Can you imagine? This sweeps, a daily, runs through May 8. To enter, click HERE.
It's promotion Purina pet food. The theme, For the Love of All Pets, is right up my alley. Over the years, my son has had fish, crabs, birds, snakes, tortoises and let's forget the standard cats and dog! You know the missing snake at the Bronx Zoo reminds me of the three times our corn snake went missing. His name is Ripley for Ripley's Believe It or Not. He escaped in the car on the way home from the pet store, we thought we'd never see him again, we could exactly put a sign up in the building about a lost snake, and five days later he fell into my son's lap while I was driving him to the doctor's to make sure he did not have strep throat. This is one of the great stories of my son's childhood. We went to the 7-11 and put the snake in an  empty coffee cup with a lid and then went to the pediatrician's. There were these new parents with days-old twins in the waiting room and I didn't want them to know we had a snake with us so I kept coughing and clearly my throat because the snake was sure moving around in that coffee cup.