three sweeps from saveur magazine

Hometown Tourist: Isaac and I stopped by the newly opened W Washington Saturday afternoon to check out the view at the Sky Terrace. Great view, enhanced by glass siding, but the hotel has not figured out how to handle the flow of interested locals versus hotel guests. We shared the elevator with a man who’d been best man at his friend’s wedding at the hotel 10 years ago, and encountered several other interested locals during our visit. We were told the Sky Terrace was “fully committed” but upon entering saw numerous empty tables and couches. I decided not to press to be seated, we were really only interested in taking a peak, but I was thirsty and I did want to order a drink at the bar. Well the bartender acted like he was alone doing inventory. No eye contact with me or any of the customers trying to order something. I stood there for 10 minutes with zero acknowledgment. The place seems very amateurish. Also, why all the empty tables? And why not more tables? According to reviews on TripAdvisor, my experience is the norm.

Saveur Magazine, always a favorite, is sponsoring not one, not two, but three sweepstakes at the moment:
1. Three nights at the Lake Austin Spa Resort in the Texas Hill Country.
2. Two nights at the Phoenician in Scottsdale.
3. A week at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.
I’m gunning for the one to Singapore. I’ve been to the Texas Hill Country, though not to the Lake Austin Spa Resort, and I’ve actually stayed at the Phoenician, for a writers’ conference. So Singapore is my Holy-Grail sweeps in this mix.

To enter one, two or all three, click HERE.