trip to antigua's curtain bluff

What a day. I could use a cocktail. Instead I entered a sweeps with a theme of cocktail. Tales of the Cocktails Sweeps, a trip to Curtain Bluff in Antigua/Barbuda. Look at Curtain Bluff. The sponsor is Saveur Magazine. That makes me sad. This was my father’s favorite magazine. Things keep reminding me of my father. A friend visits the Erie Canal, and I remember my father loved locks. I go to a music store, and I remember my father loved Sibelius. I find a website, Old Jews Telling Jokes, and I remember how funny my father was, I remember people used to think my father was Jewish. But he was a WASP. I think I am writing like this because Isaac and I are going to the Florida Keys. Hemingway, you know.

To enter, click HERE. The deadline is July 17. One time only. Yeah.