three nights in paris

What a day. This morning my beloved cleaning lady Milagros asked mid-sweep, or maybe it was mid-sigh -- she happens to have a rich repertoire of sighs, this one -- if I’d heard about the priest who was caught on the beach with a lovely lady. Of course I had. The story’s all over the place. Well, Milagros is a devout Catholic. When she can’t sleep, she reads Vanidades and la Biblia. By some strange six-degree-of-separation fate, several years ago she spoke by phone with this now infamous and telenovellaistic priest, and he asked her how old she was and if she could come to Miami. When this latest news broke, her whole family remembered their telephonic flirtation and told Milagros, “Look, it’s your friend.” Milagros and I found a picture of him online and agreed that he was a mango. (Slang for guapo.) Then she added, “Es hombre, como todos.” Please note: Milagros is a huge extravagance for me, one that helps keep me sane. UPDATE: Here's a bizarre CNN clip about the priest, Alberto Cutie, bizarre because the CNN news fellow sounds like he belong on Fox: CNN CLIP.

Otherwise, I’m busy with work (a magazine assignment) and soccer (rainouts, tryouts, sitouts).

Here’s another sweeps to Paris, for three nights at an unspecified four-star hotel and spa treatments at the Darphin Institute, which happens to be the sponsor. To enter, click HERE. The sweeps closes May 19. Depeche-toi si t’en as envie d’essayer celle-ci.