more new year's resolutions: TRY!

4.) Try to chill about parenting in the age of the Internet. This year, the thing that drove me maddest with Isaac was dealing with email, Facebook, texting privileges and, the latest, his campaign for an iTouch, which if I understand it correctly is an iPod with Internet interface. I am proud to report that when I learned that Isaac had a Facebook account, I hacked it (I gave his email and told them I forgot the password and they sent a new one and I change the password so he can't access it but of course he could do the same thing only he, thank goodness, hasn't figured that out. And he doesn't read my blog so I'm not divulging mother-state secrets.) As for the iTouch, I'd agree if he already didn't have an iPod but getting an iTouch seems an extravagance. I've been tossing around that word a lot lately. It's an extravagance. Anyway, Isaac set up an account under an alias on MySpace. Some Pakistani sounding name. He says he doesn't remember how to spell it so we can't go and disable the thing. Let's hope the authorities don't think he's a terrorist! He may be a terror, but he's not a terrorist.

5.) Try to keep track of my passwords. I am always clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? and then telling myself that one of these days I will get organized in this department.

6.) Try to be more disciplined about paid work. Getting it, that is. I do not mean fulfilling my obligations when I've got an assignment!